If you're reading this, then you were likely reading the information in the "How to Help" box on the Main Page, and was curious about translations. (If not, then welcome to my blog straggler!)

As you may know, this wiki is only available in English at the moment. Since this community has the potential to grow, it also has equal potential to be very diverse. With that diversity comes users who are less fluent in English and more fluent in their native language.

This is an issue for me because I would like the information provided here on the English version to be available in as many languages as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot do this for two reasons:

  • I only know English, so that's the first problem.
  • The second issue is that I cannot possibly see myself creating and maintaining several wikia communities of different languages relating to Shoppe Keep. It would require a lot of time that I alone don't have.

This is where I need your help the most.

If you are very good at translating from English into another language, (either because you speak it professionally, or the language is native to you) I ask you to please build a new wikia community related to this one using the following instructions:

  • Create a new Wikia.
  • In the "name your wikia" box, type in: shoppe keep
  • On the bottom, select the language you are translating to. Then click next.
  • Type in a short description and select the Games category. Be sure to click the Video Games tic-box.
  • Click next, select a theme for your new wikia, and you're done.

Once done, you will load into the newly created wikia. You will be given founder status, and wikia staff will send you a message to your user page with extra information.

Afterwards, it's up to you to design the wiki, translate the articles over, and place Interlanguage Links in your translated pages. You can also request for assistance from the Language Brigade.

I hope this was as informative as it could be, and that some of you can help make this wiki available to more users!

~ Richard

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