This update was released on July 7, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

High with vSync Quality added to the Launcher.
Xbox One Controller Support.
Every item will now remember it's margin when picked up, ordered or took out/put in bot chest, personal chest and etc.. Values are bound to a shop save file, not the shopkeeper himself.
Shop stat panel displays all inventory including personal hand inventory and bot chests.
Order scroll displays how many items you+your bots+personal chests+are already in the shop exist for any given item.
Order scroll displays the last added item as the first item in the Order panel.
Sir Poshington arrived near the cart, Buy upgrades to your objects!
Upload your own banner over the double shop doors.
Clear current items in the cauldron button.
Clouds? Bring back old? Leave new? Back to blackboard?
Move around full objects.
Decoration percentage recounted.
Faster transition between Splash – Main Menu screens.
Mofidication to UI scale.
Door opening collisions available from the side and back.
Interest Fee changed into Entrance Fee.
All items received new collisions for picking up, should be able to easily pick up any dropped item.
Current gold is always floored to a round integer inside game code.
New shop loading menu.
Popular perk now warns about barbarians.
Max customer slider increased to 60 for those machines that can handle it.
Barbarians spawn after 150 customers, and range from 1 to 10 attackers.
Openable door's have an exit symbol on it to make note that you can pass them.
Customers get scared by you zapping a thief/innocent as well as while slashing him.

✓ means an addition, ✗ means a removal, ≈ means a fix.

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