The trash bin serves a simple purpose, and is freely available to you at the very start of the game.

It is located outside of the shoppe in four different locations around town. The closest trash bin is near the shoppe doors. View the interactive map to see where all four trash bins are located.

The only purpose of the trash bin is to contain the useless items of the outside residents. However, one man's trash is another man's treasure. If you approach a trash bin, you'll be given the opportunity to search through it. Pressing the F key will reduce the trash in the bin by 1/3, and there's a chance something good might come out of it.

If you're lucky, a shiny new item will appear atop the bin for you to claim. After searching three times, the bin will become empty and you'll have to wait for it to fill up again. 1/3 of a random bin will get filled with trash every 2 minutes 30 seconds, except during the build phase. All trash bins will be emptied when loading the game.

Level RequirementsEdit

Although you can get any item in the game from the trash bin, you are restricted by your level as to what is available. Here is a list of the items that unlock at each level.

Level Items Level Items
Level 1 Level 2
Level 3 Level 4
Level 5 Level 6
Level 7 Level 8
Level 9 Level 10
Level 11 Level 12
Level 13 Level 14
Level 15 Level 16
Level 17 Level 18
Level 19 Level 20
Level 21 Level 22
Level 23 Level 24
Level 25 Level 30
Level 90 Level 625