Achievements Edit

The trophy room was added February 26, 2016 along with the latest achievement updates. There are currently 26 regular achievements and 5 hidden ones. Decorations are unlocked for your house across from the Shoppe, after finishing certain achievements.

  • Slain your first thief. Kill one theif.
  • 50 Thieves dealt with. Have 50 thieves zapped but your door or helperbots, or stop them yourself.
  • 1000 Thieves dealt with.
  • Ordered 50 items. Order 50 individual orders.
  • Ordered 200 items.Order 200 individual orders.
  • Ordered 10,000 items. Order 10,000 individual orders.
  • Ordered 20,000 items. Order 20,000 individual orders.
  • Earn 1000 Gold profit.
  • Earn 10,000 Gold Profit.
  • Earn 100,000 Gold Profit.
  • Wow, well, wow. Earn 1,000,000 in total gold profit.
  • Your shop hold on for a whole week. 7 days.
  • Your shop hold on for a whole month. 30 days.
  • Your shop hold on for a whole year. 365 days.
  • Sold 500 Potions.
  • Slain your first batch of barbarians. Slay 20 barbarians.
  • Slain 100 Barbarians.
  • Slain 500 Barbarians.
  • Slain Barbingantua.
  • Barbarian sword dropped. Recieve the Sword of Barbingantua from the boss.
  • Cleaned up 100 corpses.
  • Harvested 200 Mushrooms.

  • Welcome aboard.Load save and play game.
  • Have a free axe. Be a part of Early Access.
  • You actually jumped a bit Spam the space bar until you bounce up in the air a bit.
  • You helped make Shoppe Keep a reality. This achievement is not for EA supporters, but those who helped the game become what it is today and were not part of the main development team.
  • Shoppe Keep Developer. Currently the only way to get this is to be one of the shoppe keep devs.

Trading Cards Edit

Steam Trading cards were added March 29, 2016. There are 11 cards in a set. There are the regular trading cards and the foil set. You receive 6 trading cards when you play the game. Complete a set to earn a badge and unlock backgrounds and emoticons.

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