Shoppe layout

In-game image of the free mode shoppe layout.

In Shoppe Keep, the player is currently placed in the free mode map. This map allows players to purchase different extensions for their shoppe, and the player can leave the shoppe when the doors are open to explore the town.


Main Room & ExtensionsEdit

Shoppe keep logo small

The image displayed on breakable walls.

The main room is where the customers will walk through. In this room, the player is able to purchase and place different pieces of furniture that will act as displays for the merchandise. Customers will navigate around the furniture, locate the item they want, and make a purchase. The MK III Steam H-Bots will also fly around the main room if any have been purchased. They will collect and place items as customers enter and leave normally.

Extensions to the main room can be purchased. Walls that have the Shoppe Keep Logo can be destroyed at a cost ranging from 10,000 - 250,000 Shoppe coin.png coins. Once destroyed, a new area will become accessible to the player where more furniture and merchandise can be placed. Customers and helper bots will also start to navigate to these new areas normally. In total, there are five different extensions that can be purchased.

Back RoomEdit

When loading the game, the player will always start in the back room regardless of where they last saved. The back room will contain all of the necessary tools and equipment that the player needs to be successful. However, some of these tools require the player to unlock certain skills before using them:

  • The Grinder and Material Tanks are used to pulverize merchandise in the player's inventory. The resulting materials can be used in the cauldron. These must be unlocked with the grinder skill for 150 Shoppe point.png kPoints.
  • The Cauldron is used to Craft new merchandise to sell in the shoppe. It must be unlocked with the cauldron skill for 150 Shoppe point.png kPoints.
  • The Champion is used to collect new items during adventures, which can be sold in the shoppe for extra money. He must be unlocked with the champion skill for 400 Shoppe point.png kPoints.
  • The Grill is used to cook Raw Meats found on adventures. These can be placed on the Offering Table found outside the shoppe.
  • The Quest Board is used to keep track of the current shoppe quest, and contains information about your champion, if unlocked.
  • The Delivery Zone is where any purchased merchandise will be delivered.
  • The Storage Chest is used to place unneeded or excess merchandise from your inventory.
  • The Vinyl Player is used to customize the in-game music during any part of the day. It must be unlocked with the vinyl player skill for 80 Shoppe point.png kPoints.

Outside Back RoomEdit

At first, the outside back room will be locked behind a door. The player must purchase the planting skill for 100 Shoppe point.png kPoints to open it. At the moment, the area is only used for planting seeds:

  • The Soil Plots are used to plant seeds to grow new products which can be sold for extra money.

Interactive MapsEdit

As new maps are added to the game, new interactive maps will be created and shown on this article. Frequent updates will not be made unless a map is significantly changed within the game. This is due to certain limitations of the Wikia Maps Extension.

Free ModeEdit

The free mode map allows the player to do whatever they want. No story is told in this mode, and the player is only restricted by their money and skill points.

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