On the Shoppe Keep wiki, most media is allowed so long as it is properly licensed, and relevant to the topic of the wiki. Media belonging to the game Shoppe Keep should use the corresponding license from the drop down menu on upload. Otherwise, one of the following three templates should be placed into the file's description page:

If you find a file that is not licensed, please use one of the licenses found on the licensing templates category. However, if it is difficult to determine what license to use, then please insert the following template:

Uploaded files should be in lowercase, except for the first letter. They should also be legible and easy to read. Files with names that are jumbled numbers and letters will be renamed by the local staff.

The Shoppe Keep wiki, like other wikis, is not a personal file hosting service. You should not use this website as a place to store your personal photos or avatars, but exceptions can be made if you ask local staff first.

Please do not duplicate files. If you were able to acquire a better version of a file, please use the replace link in the edit menu of the file's page. This way, everything stays organized in their own pages and is saved to history. Duplicate files will be merged or deleted without discussion unless an exception is made.

Files that directly go against the Shoppe Keep wiki policy will be deleted without discussion. If you had a file that was deleted and want to dispute it, please look through the delete log for your file and contact the user who deleted it. However, if you instead decide to re-upload without having a discussion about why it was deleted in the first place, you risk being notified, warned or blocked from the wiki.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.