Customize menu

The customize menu, accessible from the main menu.

The player has several tools that can be accessed in different toggle-able "modes". The tools can be upgraded from the "customise" menu, which is only found in the main menu, by using Shoppe point.png kPoints earned in-game.

To use a tool, the player must go to the customize menu while in the main menu, have enough kPoints saved up, make a purchase, and then equip the tool by clicking on it. The next time the player loads their save file, the tool will be applied.

All tools currently unlocked by the player will be displayed on a board in the back room of the shoppe. In total, to unlock all 15 tools (not including the Candy Cane and the Conjured Love Arrow) would cost 2,780 kPoints.

ShopKeep ModeEdit

Pressing 1 will access this mode.

This is the mode that you use to setup your merchandise with. Pressing Q will allow you to access the Order Log where you can order items for delivery. Not all items are available from here though as several items must be obtained through crafting. Pressing the Left Hand arrow will take you to the Statistics page where you can accept quests and view the number of bodies and debris that need attending to. Pressing the Right Hand arrow from the Order Log will take you to the skills section where you can use Shoppe point.png kPoints to upgrade skills for increased delivery times, thief prevention, new merchandise, and more.

Pressing E while near the front doors will open the shop and allow you to sell your wares.

Maintenance ModeEdit

Pressing 2 will access this mode.

This mode has two states determined by the Q and E keys.

Pressing Q will equip the Broom and allow you to clean up dirt, destroyed furniture, and the bodies of those pesky Barbarians and Thieves. The different brooms to choose from are:

  • Basic Broom: Costs nothing, but takes 9 sweeps to remove rubble and bodies. Slow at cleaning.
  • Sweeper: Costs 230 Shoppe point.png and takes 6 sweeps. Better at cleaning.
  • Sci-Fi Broom: Costs 480 Shoppe point.png and takes 5 sweeps. Fastest at cleaning.

Pressing E will equip the Hammer and allows you to repair your furniture from the wear and tear it gets from everyday use. The different Hammers you can have are:

  • Basic Hammer: Costs nothing, repairs 12% of object durability per hit.
  • Iron Hammer: Costs 210 Shoppe point.png and repairs 18% per hit.
  • Gold Hammer: Costs 480 Shoppe point.png and repairs 25% per hit.

Build ModeEdit

Pressing 3 will access this mode.

This is the mode where you can place furniture (called objects in-game). Each piece costs varying amounts of gold, and have different possibilities for what can be placed upon it. You select the object with the Mouse wheel, rotate using Q and E, place with Left Click, and remove with Right Click. When removed, half of the gold used to purchase it is returned to you. Currently, most of the objects require the player to unlock them through Skills.

This mode is locked when the Shop is open.

Combat ModeEdit

Pressing 4 will access this mode.

This mode is used to take down Thieves, Barbarians, and nay-sayers. You can equip a weapon and a magic spell to fight with. Left click will swing your sword, Right click casts your spell which will require the blue gauge to recharge, with the red gauge representing your health. Do be careful who you take down as killing an innocent customer will deduct you a portion of gold. Each weapon will give you a certain amount of attack power:

  • Simple Sword: Costs nothing, deals 25 damage to people and furniture.
  • Gold Plated Axe: Costs nothing, but is only available to Early Access players. Deals 35 damage.
  • Eagle Sword: Costs 280 Shoppe point.png and deals 45 damage.
  • Candy Cane: Unavailable. Holiday restriction: Christmas. Deals 45 damage.

Available spells are:

  • Lightning Shock: Costs nothing, instantly kills 1 target.
  • Fire Blast: Costs 250 Shoppe point.png and anything it kills will emit smoke... forever.
  • Freeze: Costs 350 Shoppe point.png and anything it kills turns to ice.
  • Conjured Love Arrow: Unavailable. Holiday restriction: Valentines Day. When available, it costs 550 Shoppe point.png and anything it kills will have hearts for eyes.

Other ItemsEdit

You have the option of choosing different skins for your delivery, rewards, and storage chests. These are purely cosmetic however. They are:

  • Basic Chest: Costs nothing.
  • Steampunk Chest: Costs 250 Shoppe point.png kPoints.
  • Spiky Chest: Costs 250 Shoppe point.png kPoints.


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