Damaged furniture

A counter in need of repair. The warning icon is displayed over it.

Shoppe Keep has a small collection of objects (also known as furniture or displays) at your disposal to use in organizing your merchandise. Some furnishings function differently from others, and most of them have different costs. To install an object, press 3 to enter build mode and use the mouse wheel - or the up and down arrow keys - to scroll through the available objects. Remember, you must have the required skills unlocked to purchase certain displays.


Objects have durability which will be reduced as they get used. Whenever merchandise is placed on or removed from a display, it loses durability. When durability gets low, a warning icon will appear over the display, and the player must repair it quickly by using the hammer. To equip the hammer, the player must be in Maintenance mode by pressing 2, then pressing E will select the hammer. If an object doesn't get repaired, it will be destroyed and will leave a pile of filth that must be cleaned.

While in maintenance mode with the hammer equipped, you will be able to see the percentage of durability remaining on any object:

  • 100% - 60% = Ideal
  • 60% - 40% = Worn
  • 40% - 5% = Critical

Objects that are ideal will function normally. When it becomes worn, the furnishing visually changes to appear worn and any merchandise placed on worn furniture will suffer from discounted sales. Furniture that becomes critical will become visually worse than before, but they will also start to lose durability at a steady rate of 1% per 5 seconds until they fall apart at 5%.

Completing the Plate Here, Plate There quest will unlock the Plate Statue which causes auto-deterioration to occur at 20% instead of 40%, giving you more time to repair critically damaged displays.


There are 12 different furnishings you can purchase. While the bot dock and floor mat are used to aid the player, the other furnishings are used to sell merchandise placed on them.


There are 3 different decorative objects you can purchase. Using these will boost the price tolerance of your customers.


There are 12 different miscellaneous objects. These objects are used in different ways, and cannot be installed by the player. Instead, the player must unlock the appropriate skills for an object to appear. However, some of these objects may already be unlocked from the start.

Objects listed here do not have durability; they don't need to be repaired when used.

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