The Items Of Shoppe Keep

The Items Of Shoppe Keep

Shoppe Keep offers players a large collection of merchandise that can be ordered and sold in their shoppes. Merchandise is ordered from the shop menu by pressing Q. Once ordered, the player must wait for them to be delivered. This waiting time can be reduced by upgrading their Skills or by completing the Wizard Set quest.

Once delivered, a Chest will appear in the back room of the shoppe where the player can claim their items. Once claimed, the merchandise will be immediately placed in the player's inventory. The inventory is accessed while in Shoppe Keep Mode by pressing 1, and then using the mouse wheel or arrow keys to scroll through the items.

Players can craft new merchandise by using the Cauldron. Merchandise that is crafted can be sold in the shoppe. Players can also grow certain seeds in the Soil Plots which, when fully grown, can be sold in the shoppe.

Completing the Plate is Gold quest will unlock the Gold Statue which will increase the amount of gold earned by 10%.

This article will display all current merchandise, including craftable and growable ones.


All merchandise listed here can be bought using the shoppe scroll, including items locked by a skill.

Warrior Armors

Mage Armors

Rogue Armors

Druid Armors





All merchandise listed here can be crafted using the correct recipes, with the exception of the liters which are extracted from the Material Tanks.


Gold Plated

Dragon Bone



Other ItemsEdit

Merchandise listed here can only be obtained through other means. For example, by sending your Champion on adventures and they return with loot, buying from specific customers, or occasionally discovered when emptying the trash bin outside the store.

Feathers of Rav Armor

Venomous Armor

Necromancer Armor

Drainhurt Armor

Legendary Items





Removed ItemsEdit

Merchandise listed here have been removed from the game and can no longer be collected normally.

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