The MK III Steam H-Bot is a utility tool that can be set to one of four states: Idle, Item Pickup, Thief Zapper, and Restock. H-Bots must be placed on a Bot Dock in order to function. Its mode can be set by pressing the F key while looking directly at it while it is immobile.

To purchase this item from the order scroll, you must unlock the Engineering skill. The buy value for this item is 235 Shoppe coin.png coins.


The Idle state will disable the bot. While disabled the bot will do nothing, even if attacked by Barbarians.

When in Item Pickup state, the H-Bot will fly from their dock and pick up any items thrown onto the floor. They will then return to their dock, and deposit the items into the dock's safe. The bot will collect up to 5 items at once before returning to its dock. Stored items can be collected by pressing the F key on the H-Bot and then clicking on the bot's items. This will move the selected items to your inventory one at a time, or 10 at a time if L-Shift is held down.

While in Thief Zapper state, the H-Bot will hover above their dock and will stay stationary. If a bot were to detect a thief within close proximity, the bot will instantly zap the thief to death. As a result, the item the thief stole will drop to the ground for the player, or another bot, to pickup.

When in Restock state, the H-Bot will randomly take items stored in their bot dock and will deliver them to an acceptable object. If imprint mode is disabled, the bot will completely fill up an object before placing an item onto another one within close proximity.

The bot dock can be interacted with even if the H-Bot is away from the bot dock.


Shoppe keep bot panel

The H-Bot Control Panel

Bots will cost money every minute that passes while the game is not paused. If the player has no money, the bots will be disabled. The control panel for the bots will display information regarding costs, the percentage to mark items for sell while in the restock state, and the items it currently has in it's dock:

  • Idle: Costs nothing.
  • Item Pickup: Costs 25 Shoppe coin.png coins per minute.
  • Thief Zapper: Costs 50 Shoppe coin.png coins per minute.
  • Restock: Costs 25 Shoppe coin.png coins per minute.

Imprint SystemEdit

Players are able to set what items an H-Bot should place on an object using the imprint system. To use, the player must open a bot's control panel by pressing the F key and click on the "Imprint Mode" button at the bottom.

Next, players need to set the desired placement of items on the objects they want. To do this, the player must have the item in their hand, walk up to a compatible object, hold down the left shift key and then left click. If done correctly, the glowing spot should turn blue in color.

Holding the left control key and left clicking will set the spot into a "None" spot, and will again become green in color. Bots set to imprint mode will not use this spot to place items in, but bots not using imprint mode will place items there normally. Additionally, imprint bots will only focus on display spots that are imprinted (blue) and will ignore normal spots (green).


The helper bot cannot be crafted, nor is it used as an ingredient to craft another item.

If put into the Grinder, the helper bot will yield:

  • 3.0 Wood
  • 3.5 Metal
  • 1.0 Gold
  • 5.0 Junk Bond

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