This article will serve as a short guide on how to start playing the game, and what steps are best taken in order to make a profit in your shoppe. Information contained here should not be viewed as "the" correct way of playing the game, as there is no truly correct way of playing.

Main MenuEdit

Upon launching the game, the player can choose what input device they are using. The player must select between keyboard and mouse, or Xbox controller. After pressing the enter key, the main menu will appear. Selecting My Shoppe will open a new screen which allows the player to type in a name for their new save file. Once done, click on the My Shoppe button again, and then click on the new save file.


The ShoppeEdit

The player will load into their home next to their bed. From this room, the player can use the Trap Door near the far corner to quickly travel to the shoppe's backroom by looking at the trapdoor and pressing the action button (default F). At first, the backroom will contain the delivery zone, the Storage Chest, the Quest board, the Grill, the Daily Finance Scroll, a bust of the player's grandfather, a board that displays unlocked Customizations and Tools, and another trap door to go back to the player's house.

These Objects will aid the player along the path to becoming a successful shoppe keeper. However, even more objects can be unlocked in the backroom to provide additional benefits.

Walking through the doorway will lead you into the main room of the shoppe. This is where the player can install displays that can be used to sell Merchandise. Additionally, Customers will walk around in this room only and will never walk into your backroom.

The main room can be expanded by interacting with the shield icons on certain walls. The player would need to pay in gold to have the walls removed, which will reveal another room that the player can use to install more displays in.

The large double door is the entrance into the shoppe. When this door is open, the day has begun and customers will start to appear in town. When closed, the day ends and customers will leave.

The ToolsEdit

The player has access to four different States to help them manage their shoppe. Each is accessed by pressing the 1-4 keys on the keyboard, or by using the d-pad on the Xbox controller.

  • Pushing 1, or up on the d-pad, will enter the Shoppe Keep state. This is used to place merchandise on installed displays. The player can also set prices for the item in their hand using the plus and minus keys. Finally, the player can open the entrance doors while in this state by standing next to them and pushing F on the keyboard, or A on the Xbox controller.
  • Pushing 2, or left on the d-pad, will enter the Maintenance state. This enables the broom and hammer which can be used to clean the floor or repair displays respectively.
  • Pushing 3, or down on the d-pad, will enter the Build state. This allows the player to install displays in the main room of the shoppe. However, if the day has started, the build state will be unavailable until the day has ended.
  • Pushing 4, or right on the d-pad, will enter the Combat state. This enables the magic spell and sword which can both be used to defend the shoppe against thieves and Barbarians.

The ScrollEdit

An important part of the game is being able to make a profit. To do this, the player needs to sell items at a certain markup so as to invest in more merchandise. This is done through the order scroll.

To access the scroll, the player must be in the shoppe keep state, and must then press Q. The scroll will contain a very limited set of items that the player can buy. Upon making an order of items, a radial timer will appear indicating the remaining time until the order arrives. Upon arrival, a chest will appear in the delivery zone containing the items.

Additionally, the scroll contains other pages which are accessed by clicking on the hand arrows, or pressing the left and right bumpers on the Xbox controller. One of the pages contains the statistics of the shop, such as income and expenses, how many bodies or skeletons are on the floor, and the current dirtiness of the shoppe floor. This page also displays Quests that are completed by selling merchandise.

The third and final page of the scroll contains Skills that can be unlocked to further assist the player in the shoppe. These skills are unlocked using Keep Points. The player can earn kPoints from selling items, from completing quests, or from making orders.

To be brief, skills can unlock new displays, more objects in the backroom, and better items to sell.

Preparations For A New DayEdit

When you first begin playing the game, you will start off with only 60 Shoppe coin.png coins. Your shoppe will be empty, and you'll have no kPoints or skills to begin with either.

Your first priority is to install some displays in the main room of the shoppe. It's a good idea to start off with three or four Pedestals, since it's the cheapest display to purchase. Afterwards, you need to bring up your order scroll and purchase some compatible items. Keep in mind that not every item is compatible with the pedestal. This holds true for the other items and displays.

It's recommended you start ordering some Health Potions. Once delivered, take them from the chest and press the plus key to increase it's price from 100% to a price range of 115% - 130%. This will allow you to make a healthy profit to invest in more merchandise.

Once done, place them on the pedestals and then open the entrance door to begin your first day.

Customers will be slow to walk into your shoppe. This is mostly due to having no variety in your merchandise, but that will change as you gain more money.

During The DayEdit

After opening your shoppe, you will start to notice people walking around town. If your shoppe has something a person wants, they will walk into your shoppe. However, if your prices are far beyond what they expect, they will leave. Sometimes, customers may get so upset at your prices that they'll toss your merchandise onto the ground. If you see this kind of behaviour occurring frequently, you might need to adjust your pricing to be cheaper.

During the day, you will encounter people with the sole intent of stealing from you. Normally, a thief is easily noticed when they visibly run out of your shoppe with an item in their hand. The solution to this is to enter the combat state by pressing 4, or right on the d-pad, and killing the thief. The item that was stolen will drop to the ground and, depending on what attack you used, so will their body or skeleton.

Additionally, barbarians will regularly attack you and your shoppe if it becomes popular enough. In other words, if you unlock the Popular Skill, barbarians will take notice. You must enter the combat state and attack the barbarians. Otherwise, they will destroy your displays and will begin attacking you once done.

As you sell merchandise, it is suggested you continue to use the order scroll to purchase more items to sell. This way, you can restock your shoppe as customers enter so as to keep a steady flow of income during the day. A good item to purchase after Health Potions is Fire Resist Potions because you start out in summer, hence they are 'in season' and sell well for the price that you will pay for them.

It is also suggested to pay close attention to the Durability of your displays, and repair them with the hammer if necessary.

While the shoppe is open, the day will progress through three different phases, each five minutes long:

  • Morning: The start of the day and not a lot of customer traffic.
  • Afternoon: The busiest part of the day where the most customer traffic can be seen.
  • Evening: The last part of the day where customer traffic slowly drops.

After The DayEdit

Once the evening phase has ended, the customers will begin to run out of the shoppe and will proceed to the nearest town exit. When the doors close, the game will save and the build state becomes available again.

You are now free to make adjustments to the positions of your displays, make repairs, clean the floor, unlock new skills and restock your shoppe. There is no time limit during this phase of day, so you can take as long as you want without any consequences.

It is suggested you use the money you earned on your first day to purchase more pedestals, and possibly replace the health potions with gauntlets. Be careful not to buy the Frost Resist Potion, as it will only sell during the Winter Season.


Once you start making good money, you can continue to repeat the process of adding more displays and buying better items to sell. Eventually, you will amass a healthy amount of kPoints to use in unlocking new displays and items, the ability to craft, getting better protection against thieves, and more.

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