The feathers of rav hat is a large item for head protection. It's colored a mostly desaturated dark orange with dark moderate cyan feathers and outlines, and covers the scalp and parts of the face. The sell value for this item is 490 Shoppe coin.png coins.

Item InfoEdit

This item is preferred by Druids, and will frequently be purchased by them.

You can place this item on Hat Racks.

While sending the Champion out to Sky Island, there's a 14% chance that this item can be looted from the boss.

When equipped on the champion, the item will be placed in the helm slot and will add 163 HP to his stats.


The feathers of rav hat cannot be crafted, nor is it used as an ingredient to craft another item.

If put into the Grinder, the feathers of rav hat will yield:

  • 3.0 Mirr
  • 3.0 Junk Bond

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