The enchanted flaming sword is a large weapon with engravings on both sides of its blade, and fire emanating from it. The hilt consists of only a grip, with the pommel and cross-guard missing. The sell value for this item is 331 Shoppe coin.png coins.

Item InfoEdit

This item is preferred by Warriors, and will frequently be purchased by them.

You can place this item on Tables, Counters and Weapon Racks.

While sending the Champion out to Dragonclaw Cave, there's a 40% chance that this item can be looted from the boss.

When equipped on the champion, the item will be placed in the weapon slot and will add 46 HP and 18 DMG to his stats.


The enchanted flaming sword can be crafted by the player using the following recipe:

Plain Sword Liquid Junk Liquid Mirr Liquid Mirr Enchanted Flaming Sword
Item icon plain sword + Item icon liquid junk + Item icon liquid mirr + Item icon liquid mirr = Item icon enchanted flaming sword

It is also used as an ingredient to craft another item:

Enchanted Flaming Sword Dragon Gem Solid Bone Solid Bone Dragon Bone Sword
Item icon enchanted flaming sword + Item icon dragon gem + Item icon solid bone + Item icon solid bone = Item icon dragon bone sword

If put into the Grinder, the enchanted flaming sword will yield:

  • 1.5 Metal
  • 1.0 Mirr
  • 2.0 Junk Bond