Xbox controller teaser

Teaser image showing Xbox controller support.

Shoppe Keep allows players to use the keyboard & mouse, and xbox controllers. This article will list all available commands for all input methods.

The keyboard controls can be rebound to different keys from the main menu, if the player wishes.

Keyboard & MouseEdit

Key Function
Escape Open Menu, Close Menu
Mouse Move your Point-of-View
Left Click Take Item, Clean Floor, Repair Furniture, Attack, Build Furniture, Drag Ragdoll (skill required)
Right Click Place Item, Use Combat Spell, Remove Furniture
Mouse Wheel Change Item, Swap Hammer/Broom, Change Furniture
(If using arrowkeys, mousewheel will only swap between the hammer and broom!)
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Move Left
D Move Right
Q Open Shoppe Menu, Equip Broom, Rotate Furniture Clockwise
E Equip Hammer, Rotate Furniture Counter-Clockwise
F Open Customer Dialog, Open H-Bot Control Panel, Open Shoppe Doors, Purchase a Shoppe Module, Anything requiring the "Action Button"
Y Confirm Purchase of Skill
N Decline Purchase of Skill
J Flip the Bird
1 Shoppe Keep Mode
2 Maintenance Mode
3 Build Mode
4 Combat Mode
5 Inspect Item Mode
Spacebar Does absolutely nothing at all... Don't even try.
Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Change Item, Change Furniture
(Must be enabled in the options menu for these keys to work!)
Key 0.png
Right Square Bracket
Increase Price
Left Square Bracket
Decrease Price
Shift Sprint
(Left Shift)
Change Prices Faster, Snap Furniture in Place, Imprint In-hand Item
(Left Control)
Remove Imprint

Xbox ControllerEdit

Notice: This list may contain incorrect information. If you notice something that needs to get fixed, please edit this section! Otherwise, make mention of it in the talk page.

Button Function
XBOX Start Open Menu, Close Menu
XBOX Left Joystick Move Around
XBOX Right Joystick Move your Point-of-View
XBOX A Build Furniture, Open Shoppe Doors
XBOX B Remove Furniture, Clear Order List
XBOX X Delete Save
XBOX Y Place Order
XBOX D-Pad Up Shoppe Keep Mode
XBOX D-Pad Left Maintenance Mode
XBOX D-Pad Down Build Mode
XBOX D-Pad Right Combat Mode
XBOX Left Bumper Go To Previous Page, Equip Broom
XBOX Right Bumper Go To Next Page, Equip Hammer
XBOX Left Trigger Place Item, Select the Item List, Use Certain Objects, Rotate Furniture Clockwise, Attack
XBOX Right Trigger Take Item, Select the Order List, Rotate Furniture Counter-Clockwise, Use Combat Spell, Open H-Bot Control Panel, Purchase a Shoppe Module, Open Customer Dialog
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