The chest is the most important object in the entire shoppe, and is freely available to you at the very start of the game.

It can be found in the backroom of the shoppe and can be seen in three different positions, each with it's own unique purpose:

  • A delivery chest.
  • Your champion's loot chest.
  • A storage chest.


The delivery chest is normally hidden until you make an order of merchandise. To order, you must press 1 to enter shoppe keep mode, then pressing Q will bring up the order scroll. Ordering any item from the list will display a radial timer. Once finished, the delivery chest will appear in the delivery zone. Holding down the left mouse button will claim the delivery, place the items in your inventory, and cause the delivery chest to disappear again.

Completing the Wizard Set quest will unlock the Wizard Statue which will reduce delivery time by 4 seconds.

Champion LootEdit

Whenever you send your champion off on an adventure, there's a high chance he will return with loot if he survives. As such, that loot will be placed in another chest for you to claim. Just like the delivery chest, the loot chest is also hidden until it is needed. It will always appear in the middle of the backroom, and you can claim it's contents by holding down the left mouse button.


The storage chest works differently than the others. This chest is always visible and sits to the right of the delivery zone. It allows you to place unneeded or excessive items from your inventory into it. To do so, you must be looking directly at the chest and then press the F key. A menu will appear where you can select what items to store, and the same menu can be used to take items out of the chest.

The storage chest has unlimited space, so you can place anything and everything into it.

Rogue Chest Edit

The rogue chest starts spawning after the player has unlocked the Tier 2 Rogue items from the skills menu. The chests themselves spawn at random locations in the town square such as near houses (including the player's house), the southern most trash can, or the tree near the statue. The player must act quick, though, as the chests will despawn after an amount of time. The spawn times and places appear to be random throughout the day and the chests do not spawn during the build mode between evening and morning.

The player interacts with these chests much like any other chest by holding the left mouse button or right trigger on the controller. The item contents in the chests are the Venomous armor items that the rogues prefer to purchase. Besides trash cans this is the only way to obtain this armor.

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  • If you make multiple orders of single items, delivery chests will simply stack on top of each other. The same can be done with the champion's loot chest.
  • Delivery chests and champion loot chests have physics enabled, so walking into them will bump them around.