Barbarian attack

Barbarians attacking the shoppe.

In the world of Shoppe Keep there are, of course, characters that the player will encounter. These are your Customers, Thieves, Barbarians, and your most loyal Champion. Each character is interactable in different ways.


Main article: Customers

The customers, or patrons, of your shoppe are there to give you money. They finance your desire for a larger shoppe, better furnishings and more merchandise. What more can possibly make you happy? These guys are the lifeblood of your business.


Main article: Customers

Thieves are the negative by-product of having a popular shop. The more customers you have, the more likely it is that you'll encounter that one bitter guy who lost all his money at the nearest pub. You will encounter these guys more frequently as you raise prices. A thief will snatch one of your items and make a run for it, costing you money if they get away.


Main article: Barbarians

These guys are the worst. They have absolutely no regard for where their swords go, and could care even less about your life. They will appear without warning and will immediately start charging towards your shoppe, scaring all of your customers away. They'll attempt to destroy your furnishings, but if you get in their way they'll start attacking you! With your mighty blade and magical know-how, you should have no problem with dispatching them.


Main article: Champion

This guy is the greatest hero you've ever known. Sure, his reputation is non-existent, but that matters not to you. He is there to take on the challenges you give him, along with any gear you may provide. If he is successful, he will return with the spoils of his adventure.

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