Champion lineup

Champions lined up with different gear sets.

The Champion is a character in the Shoppe Keep world. He must be unlocked from the Champion skill. Afterwards, he will always be located in the back room of the shoppe, and will stand between the Cauldron and quest board. The player can directly interact with the champion by pressing F which will then open a new menu containing more information.


Upon unlocking the champion skill and interacting with them for the first time, you can set their name, gender, and class through a dialog box that appears. The champion's class can be warrior, druid, rogue or mage.

The class that you select impacts what kind of items they will be able to wear, and what sort of bonus they’ll receive when they embark on quests. The benefits that each class receive are:

  • Warriors: +5% more DMG.
  • Druids: +5% more HP.
  • Rogues: +5% chance to evade a full attack.
  • Mages: +5% more XP gain.

From that point forward, your champion will be locked into those settings - except for the name which can be changed for a fee of 200,000 Shoppe coin.png coins.

Champion Quests and EquipmentEdit

the champion's menu are the different adventures you can send him on:

  • Forest Pick: Costs 120 Shoppe coin.png coins and is relatively easy.
  • Mountain Range: Costs 280 Shoppe coin.png coins and is moderately difficult.
  • Drangonclaw Cave: Costs 680 Shoppe coin.png coins and is significantly more difficult.
  • Sky Island: Costs 1,300 Shoppe coin.png coins and is very difficult.
  • Mausoleum: Costs 6,500 Shoppe coin.png coins and is incredibly difficult.

If sent on an adventure, the champion will leave the shoppe until his quest is concluded. During an adventure, your champion will encounter many and various different foes that he must defeat. Upon successfully killing a foe, the champion will loot whatever item drops if possible. The loot from each adventure is very different, but become more valuable the more difficult the adventure is.

If your champion is successful on his adventure, he will return with whatever items he looted. These items will be in a chest placed in the middle of the back room. However, If your champion is defeated, he will return to the shoppe with nothing to give you. Additionally, you will not get refunded what you paid him for the journey.

If an adventure is too hard for your champion to complete, you can equip up to 5 Health Potions and Mana Potions each on your champion (mana potions can only be equipped to Mages and Druids). Be careful though, regardless if the potions are used or not, they will still be consumed at the end of the adventure. The champion will use a health potion if their health is lowered below 20%. If the champion's damage is lower than average they will use a mana potion to gain max damage on the next hit they deal.

Additionally, the player can equip different armor, shields and weapons onto their champion. Each piece of equipment can either increase the health of the champion, the damage, or both.

Finally, if the player completes the Ol' Dragonclaw Gifts quest, it will unlock the Dragon Bone Statue which will increase the champion's damage by 20%.

Champion LogEdit

On the champion menu, you can view the log of the previous adventure the champion was on. It will detail exactly what occurred during their journey:

  • What foes were met, how much damage they dealt, and how much damage your champion dealt.
  • The status of the champion.
  • The loot that was picked up along the way.
  • The final boss.
  • Whether your champion was knocked out, or slain.

This information is useful to determine whether you should equip better armor on the champion, to use more potions, or to grind more experience on an easier adventure.

Best Class Equipment StatsEdit

The lists below will group each item into their respective classes, and will also show what stats they apply to the champion. Keep in mind, your champion will always start off with 105 health points + 5 per level (HP), and a range of 3-4 points of damage + 2 per level (DMG).

Note: These stats are subject to change as the game progresses. Since individual classes have specific equipment that they can use, we have detailed the highest tier for each slot in each class.

Gear Stats Gear Stats
Item icon dragon bone helm
Dragon Bone Helm
+98 HP
Item icon dragon bone shoulders
Dragon Bone Shoulders
+92 HP
Item icon dragon bone chest
Dragon Bone Chest
+98 HP
Item icon dragon bone pants
Dragon Bone Pants
+93 HP
Item icon dragon bone belt
Dragon Bone Belt
+92 HP
Item icon dragon bone boots
Dragon Bone Boots
+97 HP
Item icon dragon bone gloves
Dragon Bone Gloves
+95 HP
Item icon sword of code
Sword of Code
+1,120 HP
401-402 DMG
Item icon skull shield
Skull Shield
+119 HP

Gear Stats Gear Stats
Item icon venomous helm
Venomous Helm
+98 HP
Item icon venomous shoulders
Venomous Shoulders
+92 HP
Item icon venomous chest
Venomous Chest
+98 HP
Item icon venomous pants
Venomous Pants
+97 HP
Item icon venomous belt
Venomous Belt
+92 HP
Item icon venomous boots
Venomous Boots
+92 HP
Item icon venomous gloves
Venomous Gloves
+95 HP
Item icon sword of code
Sword of Code
+1,120 HP
401-402 DMG
Item icon engineering scrolls
Engineering Scrolls
+17 HP

Gear Stats Gear Stats
Item icon mage hood
Mage Hood
+97 HP
Item icon archmage shoulders
Archmage Shoulders
+92 HP
Item icon artist pride
Artist Pride
+1,120 HP
Item icon archmage pants
Archmage Pants
+48 HP
Item icon archmage belt
Archmage Belt
+46 HP
Item icon archmage boots
Archmage Boots
+47 HP
Item icon archmage gloves
Archmage Gloves
+43 HP
Item icon dragonclaw staff
Dragonclaw Staff
+99 HP
36-37 DMG

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