Shop Keep - Barbarian Attack

Shop Keep - Barbarian Attack

Barbarians are a randomly spawning group that will attack your shoppe's furniture, or the player. Though random, barbarians will only appear when your shoppe is open, so you can stock your shelves and craft new items without fear after closing time.

Barbarians can also be a reward from the Christmas update presents, available during the holidays, instead of a random item.[1]

Appearance and CombatEdit

Barbarians will never attack the shoppe unless it's approval rating is above 70%, and if there are no Grilled Meats sitting on the Offering Table. To get a higher approval rating, the player must unlock the Popular Skill which allows the player to get the maximum of 100% shop appeal.

When barbarians appear, all Customers in the town will shout "Barbarians!" and will start fleeing to the nearby town exits. Usually in large raid parties, they will spawn from the town entrances outside the shoppe and then rush towards the shoppe door. Once inside, they will start to randomly select furniture to destroy. However, it doesn't take more than a few sword swings, or a single well aimed spell to dispatch a barbarian. They can be effectively killed before reaching your store if you are quick enough to get outside once your customers start to flee.

Once all furniture has been destroyed, or if the player attacks a barbarian, the remaining barbarians will attack the player. If the player loses all of their health they will enter a stunned state for a few seconds and then recover with a bit of health.


After dealing a significant amount of damage in a single playthrough (around 1,000 dmg) to barbarians during raids, you will incite the wrath of the barbarian's leader, Barbingantua. Bigger, stronger, and with much more health than a normal barbarian, Barbingantua is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Killing her will give you about a 30% chance to receive the Sword of Barbingantua.[2]


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